Fishing in Asturias is a unique experience. Asturias has more than 345 kilometers of coastline, and 5 large salmon rivers to enjoy the salmon fishing in Asturias, without forgetting all the trout rivers. Both river and sea fishing, whether it is done from the coast, -by boat or underwater-, the best suitable areas for its practice are landscapes of great beauty and inmmerse in total tranquility.

The 5 salmon rivers of Asturias are, the Eo, El Canero-Esva, El Narcea, El Sella and El Cares-Deva, being able to extend it today to the lower area of ​​the Nalón river. The experience in each of them is totally different thanks to the diversity of landscapes and orography in Asturias. All of them offer the fisherman the possibility of fishing for trout and Reos when the season allows it, likewise there are other rivers that, despite not having salmon, are trout rivers where you can enjoy as much or more than one of the salmon rivers. For the practice of sea fishing from the coast, any port, beach or rocky area is suitable to bring great joy by achieving a great catch. In fishing from a boat, any species is within the reach of the fisherman, from coastal fishing to bonitos, tuna and even marlin, with the opportunity to spot dolphins or whales.

The entire practice of fishing is directly regulated by the Principality of Asturias, with whom licenses and fishing permits must be processed to be in order to enjoy the fishing in Asturias.