Roe deer, fallow deer, chamois, wild boar…

Big game hunting in Asturias is divided into 5 species:

  • The Deer. The ideal time for hunting is during the rutting deer in the month of September and October, being able to locate the great trophies of the Asturian mountains, that is, knowing that the physical effort will be assured.
  • The Roe Deer is perhaps the most versatile since it can be hunted near small towns or after a good adventure in the mountains of Asturias. Its stalking time is from April to June.
  • The Fallow Deer is one of the species that was introduced in Asturias in the Regional Reserve of La Sierra del Sueve, only stalking is allowed.
  • The Chamois is the king of the mountain in the peaks of Asturias, and as you can  imagine it is the species that requires a great physical shape from the hunter. We can only hunt it by stalking.
  • The Wild Boar, undoubtedly the most cunning, and for this reason the hunting dogs are our allies to be able to move them. Its population is in all corners of Asturias from the mountains to the coast.

All species can be hunted in Local Private Reserves or Regional Reserves through tourist permits which can be found for sale at local Provate Reserves or via ruffle of permits from the administration of the Principality of Asturias, for trophy hunting the hunting type is stalking for which you will have one to three days available depending on the type of permit contracted and always accompanied by the ranger. At the Local Private Reserves the gangs can hunt females and some males depending on the population, and they can normally bring guests.Wild boar is always hunted in hunting raids and in some Local Private Reserves it is allowed in some stalking of another species to be able to shoot down some wild boar.