If you are a hunter or fisherman and you come to enjoy our natural resources you should not forget that it will surely be worth staying one more day to be able to take advantage of your visit and get to know The Tourism in Asturias, its adventure, its culture and gastronomy are some of the most demanded activities from visitors .

The Cantabrian Mountains and our coasts allow us to offer the best Adventure Tourism. The green valleys, the mountains and the abrupt profile of its coast that falls to the Cantabrian Sea including the beaches and the rivers generate all the great variants of adventure sports that you can imagine in Asturias.

The Pre-Romanesque of Asturias, its cities, museums and culture are another key activity to be done that you should not miss while you are in Asturias.

And of course The Asturias Gastronomy. We only have to ask any hunter or fisherman who has visited Asturias, for many of them enjoying our great gastronomy is part of their catches while they are in Asturias enjoying the hunting and fishing. Our visitors would not understand hunting and fishing without trying the gastronomy of Asturias.