Hunting in Asturias surrounded by beautiful landscapes

Hunting in Private Hunting areas are special hunting regime zones with a minimum surface area of ​​3,000 hectares and declared by the Principality of Asturias. They are managed by the Hunting Societies legally constituted or ex officio in each of the preserves.

The management of the Private hunting areas by these companies is mandatory for a sustainable hunting use through a Technical Hunting Plan that must be approved by the Principality of Asturias. Hunting permits are administered by the societies and they are responsible for the sale of tourist stalking to hunters outside the societies. Each of the Societies has its own nursery that ensures care and compliance with all the rules and regulations of the Central Administration and limited spaces.

In Asturias, each Private Reserve is a privilege, which combines all possible natural settings: forests, mountains, valleys, meadows, rivers… Which means that each day takes place in an environment of spectacular beauty.