Miles of coastline to enjoy fishing

Fishing in the sea of ​​Asturias, fortunately counts with more than 345 km of coastline and at least 220 beaches and other lovely places suitable for practicing this sport from land or coast. There are many species of great gastronomic value and highly sought after. The types of fishing in Asturias that can be practiced are at each fisherman´s call depending on the place where they are, surfcasting, spinning, buoy, etc…

Fishing from a boat is more demanding, but without a doubt it is where the big catches are achieved. It can be practiced in Kayaks, small coastal boats or yachts that are capable of moving away from the coast until they can no longer see land, in order to enjoy the catches most appreciated as; tuna, marlin and other large spieces, without renouncing the opportunity to see dolphins or whales. Different modalities are also practiced from the boats such as trolling, jigging, spinning or deep-set fishing with baits or squid jigs. Finally we cannot forget the underwater richness of our coasts for the practice of underwater fishing and its diverse funds and coves to practice it.