Birds, rabbits, hares and foxes

Small Game in Asturias is divided into 4 species:

  • Game birds. In Asturias the queens are the Woodwock Partridge and the Partridge as well as the Quail and Pheasant but these two last ones much more scarce and only available in coastal areas. The Mallard would be another interesting species among others that are less interesting from a hunting point of view.
  • The Rabbit and the Hare are very rare and protected species.
  • The Fox or “Raposo” presence is abundant but of little interest, being able to be hunted in the sets of other large or small game hunts.

All species can be hunted in Local Private Reserves or Regional Reserves, through permits. Two modalities are allowed, hunting in hand for which hunting is allowed up to a maximum of 6 hunters accompanied by their dogs in line and with a guard in the reserves and hunting in jump for which a hunter accompanied by their dogs is allowed in local private reserves.