Asturias is different, for this reason its landscape makes Asturias a true paradise for the practice of hunting, no one remains indifferent when enjoying hunting in Asturias, where the trophy is important but the set and the days of work in a privileged environment are the best memory. Who comes to Asturias for sure will return to enjoy the experience.

Among the species that can be hunted in Asturias, they are classified into two large groups: small game – which includes game birds, rabbits, hare and foxes or ‘raposu’, its name in Asturian -, and big game – which includes deer, fallow deer, roe deer, chamois and wild boar -.

All hunters will be able to enjoy a multitude of nature routes where they will be able to spot all these species when they are not hunting and enjoying our unique nature.

In Asturias hunting is defined in two areas, the Private Hunting Areas, located in each Council of Asturias and regulated by their Societies, in each reserve there are gangs of members and stalking open to tourists that are managed directly with each reserve. The other area is regulated by the Principality of Asturias, the Hunting Reserves, where the Central Administration regulates permits for tourists and gangs.